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List over Commercial Arrangements for smaller bands (Print out 8 pages)

COVER TUNE arrangements for club dates, weddings and/or industrials.
Available as PDF’s
$ 35.00 per song. Some of the Medleys are $50.00.

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Key changes can be made or new songs arranged for an additional fee.


The orchestra consists of 10-17 members and is orchestrated as follows:
2-5 vocalists
Trumpet 1 (flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet)
Trumpet 2 (flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet)
Alto saxophone (flute, clarinet, soprano sax. baritone sax.)
Tenor saxophone (flute, soprano sax.)
El.Guitar, acoustic guitar
Piano & synths
Div. keyboards
Percussion (timpani, Mallet-synth. and more)
String quartet: 2 violins, viola, cello.

1. Desperado, G, Bb Fem. Buy it now!

2. This Is My Life, Fm. Fem. Buy it now!

3. Just A Gigolo, Ab. Male. Buy it now!

4. Shop Around, G. Fem. Buy it now!

5. Con Te Partiro / Time To Say Goodbye, D. Fem. Male. Duo* Buy it now!

6. Georgia, E. Male. Bb. C. Fem.* Buy it now!

7. Thank You For The Music, D. Fem. Or more Buy it now!

8. Waterloo, D. Fem. Or more Buy it now!

9. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, C. Fem. Or more Buy it now!

10. Hasta Mañana, E. Fem. Or more Buy it now!

11. Dancing Queen, A. Fem. Or more Buy it now!

12. I Wish, Ebmin or Cmin. Fem. Male. Buy it now!

13. Don’t You Worry About A Thing, Gmin. Fem. Male. Buy it now!

14. Mambo, No.5, Eb. Male. Buy it now!

15. Walk Between Raindrops, C. Male. Buy it now!

16. Border Song, C. Male. Buy it now!

17. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, C. Fem. Male. Duo Buy it now!

18. Andrew Sisters Medley, (bei mir bist du scon, Woogie Boogie Bugler Boy, It Don’t Mean a Thing. 3 Female. Buy it now!

19. Route 66, D & F. Fem. Male. Buy it now!

20. Stormy Weather, C. Fem. Buy it now!

21. Man! I Feel Like A Woman, Bb. Fem. Buy it now!

22. Dancing In The Street, Eb. Fem. Buy it now!

23. I Can’t Stand The Rain, Bb. Fem. Buy it now!

24. I Will Survive, Gmin. Fem.* Buy it now!

25. My Baby Don’t Care, Bb. Fem. Buy it now!

26. My Funny Valentine, Bbmin or Gmin. Fem.*Buy it now!

27. I’m Outta Love, Amin. Fem.* Buy it now!

28. Granada, Amin. Male* Buy it now!

29. Music, E. Male* Buy it now!

30. Mercedes Bentz, C. Fem. Buy it now!

31. You Got A Friend, Ab. Fem.* (no horns) Buy it now!

32. Over The Rainbow, Db. Fem.* Buy it now!

33. Starry Starry Night, G. Male* Buy it now!

34. Delilah, Emin or Amin. Male. Buy it now!

35. Without Love, F. Male. Buy it now!

36. I Believe, D. Male. Buy it now!

37. Rip It Up, Ab. Male. Buy it now!

38. Hound Dog, C. Male. Buy it now!

39. Mustang Sally, C. Fem. Male. Buy it now!

40. All By Myself, F. Male. Buy it now!

41. Amigos Para Siempre, F. Fem. Male. Duo* Buy it now!

42. Almaz, Dmin. Fem. Buy it now!

43. The Glory of Love, G. Male. Buy it now!

44. Up Where We Belong, C. Fem. Male. Duo Buy it now!

45. I Believe In Love = Coming Around Again, C. Fem. Buy it now!

46. I Get A Kick Out of You, C. Fem.* Buy it now!

46b I Get A Kick Out Of You, Db. Male. (Sinatra)*Buy it now!

47. Twisted, C. Fem. Buy it now!

48. My Way, D. Male* Buy it now!

49. You’ll Never Walk Alone, Eb or Bb. Male. Buy it now!

50. Danny Boy, F#. Male. Buy it now!

51. You Are The One That I Want, G#min. Fem. Male. Duo Buy it now!

52. You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman, Bb, A, G, F. Fem.* Buy it now!

53. The Right To Sing, Gmin. Fem. Buy it now!

54. Air, C. Fem.* Buy it now!

55. I Love You ‘cause I Want You To, E. Fem. Buy it now!

56. Working 9 to 5, F#. Fem. Buy it now!

57. The Final Countdown, Bb. Male. Buy it now!

58. Broadway Baby, Ab. Fem. (Broadway)* Buy it now!

59. All Shook Up, G. Male. Buy it now!

60. Room For Everyone, Bb. Buy it now!

61. Solitaire, Bb. Fem. Buy it now!

62. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, G. Male. Buy it now!

63. Hey Little Devil (not the whole song) Eb. Buy it now!

64. Just A Little Lovin’ C. Fem. Male. Buy it now!

65. Oh Carol, Bb. Male. Buy it now!

66. Stupid Cupid, Eb. Fem. Buy it now!

67. Dance The Night Away, E. Male. Buy it now!

68. Some One Like You, E. Fem.* Buy it now!

69. New York, New York, E. Male* Buy it now!

70. Fly Me To The Moon, (Sinatra) Amin. Male* Buy it now!

71. River Deep Mountain High, G. Fem.* Buy it now!

72. Your Still The One, E. Fem. Buy it now!

73. Simply The Best, F. Fem. Male. Buy it now!

74. One More Rhythm, A. Fem. Buy it now!

75. Change is Gonna Come, F. Fem. Buy it now!

76. Think, E. Fem. Buy it now!

77. I Feel Good, Eb. Male. Buy it now!

78. It’s Not Unusual, Bb or C. Male. Buy it now!

79. Rock’n Roll, D. Male. Buy it now!

80. Baby You Can Drive My Car, G. Male. Buy it now!

81. Kiss, C. Male. Buy it now!

82. Motown Medley, Male. Buy it now!

83. You Can Leave Your Hat On, C. Male. Buy it now!

84. Late In The Evening, F. Male. Buy it now!

85. I Need a Break, F#. Fem. Buy it now!

86. Living La Vida Loca, Dmin. Male. Buy it now!

87. Anthem, D. Male. (Broadway) Buy it now!

88. Class, D. 2 Fem. (Broadway) Buy it now!

89. My Own Good, A. 2 Fem. Duo (Broadway) Buy it now!

90. Die In Bed Duo, Fmin. Fem. Male Duo (Broadway) Buy it now!

91. I’ll Be Waiting For You, Eb. Male* Buy it now!

92. Caramba, Amin. Male. Buy it now!

93. If We Only Had Love, Ab. Male.* Buy it now!

94. Pleas Release Me, Eb. Male.* Buy it now!

95. If I Were A Rich Man, Db. Male. (Broadway)* Buy it now!

96. You Are Nothing Without Me, C. or Bb. Duet Buy it now!

97. Le Miss. Medley (Broadway)* (Master Of The House, On My Own, Bring Him Home, One Day More)(Stars) Buy it now!

97A. Bring Him Home, A or F. Male(Les Misserable.) Buy it now!

97B. Master Of The House, Am (Les Misserable) Buy it now!

97C. On My Own, D. Fem. (Less Misserable) Buy it now!

97D. One Day More, A. (Les Misserable) Buy it now!

97E. Stars, E. Male (Les Misserable) Buy it now!

98. Another Night At Darryls, Eb. Fem. (Broadway) Buy it now!

99. The Prayer, F to Bb. Duo* Buy it now!

100. City Lights, Eb or F. Fem. (Broadway) Buy it now!

101. All Night Long, Ab. Male* Buy it now!

102. Got To Get You Into My Life, F. Male. (Blood Sweat version) Buy it now!

103. Sex Bomb, Abm. Male or Cmin, Fem. Buy it now!

104. Bei Mir Bist Du Schein, Cmin. Fem. Buy it now!

105. Jarrive, D. Male. Buy it now!

106. Move, Bb. (Gospel) Buy it now!

107. In A New York Minute, Buy it now!

108. Paper Moon, D. Fem. Buy it now!

109. September, A. Male. Buy it now!

110. Disco Inferno, Amin. Male. Buy it now!

111. Proud Mary, C or D. Fem. Buy it now!

112. Lady Marmelade, Bb. Fem. Buy it now!

113. Smooth, Am. Male. Buy it now!

114. Nights In White Satin, Cmin. Male. Buy it now! 

115. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe, F. Buy it now!

116. Ain’t No Stopping Us Now Buy it now!

117. Got To Be Real, Ab. Fem. Buy it now!

118. La Isla Bonita, C#. Fem. Buy it now!

119. I’m So Excited, Gmin. Fem. Buy it now!

120. Pink Cadillac, Bb. Fem. Buy it now!

121. Love Train, C. Male. Buy it now!

122. All Around The World, F. Fem. Buy it now!

123. Don’t Stop Moving, Dmin. Fem. Buy it now!

124. A Say a Litle Prayer, Emin. Fem. Buy it now!

125. Upside Down, Gmin. Fem. Buy it now!

126. Don’t Leave Me This Way, C. Fem. Buy it now!

127. Soul Man, F. Male. Buy it now!

128. 1-2-3, G. Fem. Buy it now!

129. Cant Take My Eyes Off You, E. Male. Buy it now!

130. Summer Moved On, Emin. Male. Buy it now!

131. Take On Me, A. Male. Buy it now!

132. Hunting High And Low, Amin. Male. Buy it now!

133. Brother Can You Spare A Dime, Dmin. Male. Buy it now!

134. Sweet Dreams, Dmin. Male. Buy it now!

135. Sledgehammer, C. Male. Buy it now!

136. The Lady Is A Tramp, Bb. Male. Buy it now!

137. You Make Me Feel So Young, G. Male. Buy it now!

138. I’ve Got A Crush On You, Eb or F. Male. Buy it now!

139. For Once In My Life, Bb. Male. Buy it now!

140. Come Fly With Me, Bb. Male* Buy it now!

141. What Now My Love, Bb or C. Male. Buy it now!

142. It’s Raining Men, Fmin. Fem* Buy it now!

143. I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Ebmin. Male* Buy it now!

144. O Mio Babbino Caro, Ab. Fem.* Buy it now!

145. My First, My Last, My Everything, F. Male* Buy it now!

146. Queen Of The Night, Dmin. Fem. (Opera)* Buy it now!

147. One Day, G. Fem.* Buy it now!

148. Nessum Dorma, G. Male. (Opera)* Buy it now!

149. Cought in The Middle, Dmin. Male* Buy it now!

150. Beginnings (Chicago) Buy it now!

151. Boogie Oogie Oogie, Fem. Buy it now!

152. What’s Going On Buy it now!

153. Uptown Funk Buy it now!

154. Green Green Grass Of Home, Ab. Male* Buy it now!

155. Fall In Love Again, D or E. Male* Buy it now!

156. Staying Together, G. Male. Buy it now!

157. Mr. Bojangles, Eb. Male* Buy it now!

158. She’s A Lady, Emin.Male* Buy it now!

159. Help Yourself, Eb.Male* Buy it now!

160. We’ll Meet Again1, D. Fem.* Buy it now!

161. We’ll Meet Again2, (from TV series) Buy it now!

162. Bit By Bit, Putting It Together, C. Fem. Buy it now!

163. Barcelona, E. Male, Fem. Buy it now!

164. O Holy Night, C. Male* Buy it now!

165. It’s A Heartache, C. Fem. Buy it now!

166. All I Ask Of You, F or Db (Duet) (Broadway)* Buy it now!

167. Somewhere Out There, C. (Duet) (Broadway)* Buy it now!

168. Grease Lightning Medley (Lipstick on my collor, Comone Everybody, Land Of A Thousand Dances) (Greas) Buy it now!

169. We Are The Champions, Eb. Male* Buy it now!

170. This Is The Moment, E. Male. (Broadway)* Buy it now!

171. Why Dont You Do Right, Fem. Buy it now! 

173. For You My Love, C. Fem. Buy it now!

174. It’s Delovely, E. Male* Buy it now!

176. Theres No Buizz. C* Buy it now!

177. Light At The End Of The Tunnel, G. Male/Fem. (Broadway)*Buy it now!

178. The Music Of The Night, Db. Male. (Broadway)* Buy it now!

179. Think Of Me, D. Fem. (Broadway)*Buy it now!

180. Hello, Amin. Male. Buy it now!

181. The Phanto Of The Opera, Dmin. Fem/Male. (Broadway)Buy it now!

182. Cabaret, A Fem. (Broadway)* Buy it now!

183. God Bless America, D Buy it now!

184. Angel, E Male* Buy it now!

185. The Circle Of Life, D Male. Fem. Duet (Broadway)* Buy it now!

186. Hush Don,t Explain, Amin. Fem. Buy it now!

187. Could I Leave You, Bb. Fem. (Broadway)* Buy it now!

188. Every Day A Little Death, B. Fem. (Broadway)* Buy it now!

189. For Good, Db. Fem. Duet (Broadway)* Buy it now!

190. I Have Dreamed, Eb Fem. (Broadway)* Buy it now!

191. Johanna, Eb. Fem. (Broadway)* Buy it now!

192. Marry Me A Little, Ab or B. Fem.* Buy it now!

193. Waiting For The Girls Upstairs, F. Fem. Ens. (Broadway)* Buy it now!

194. Somewhere Beyond The Sea, F. Male* Buy it now!

195. Norwegian Christmas Medley Buy it now!

196. As Times Goes By, G. Fem.* Buy it now!

197. It Had To Be You, F. Male* Buy it now!

198. Mac The Knife, Bb-Eb, Male* Buy it now!

199. I Hope You Dance, G min. Fem* (no horns) Buy it now!

200. As Long As I’m Singing, Bb. Male* Buy it now!

201. Teach Me Tonight, G. Fem.* Buy it now!

202. How About You, F. Male* Buy it now!

203. They Can’t Take That Away From Me Buy it now!

204. What Is This Feeling Buy it now!

205. Medley From The 80’s Buy it now!

208. After The Love Has Gone Buy it now!

210. Attitude Dance (Tower Of Power) Buy it now!

211. Miss Trouble (Tower Of Power) Buy it now!

212. A Whole New World Buy it now!

213. Kool & The Gang Medley (Funky Stuff, Get Down On It, Jungle Boogie) Buy it now!

214. Earth Wind & Fire Medley (Boogie Wonderland, Lets Groove, September) Buy it now!

215. Celebration Buy it now!

216. A Change Is Gonna Come, Bb. Male. Buy it now!

217. When you Believe, D. Fem. Buy it now!

219. James Bond Medley, Fem. Buy it now! 

220. Everybody Knows, Dmin. Male. Buy it now! 

221. First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin, Fmin. Male. Buy it now! 

222. The House Of The Rising Sun, Dmin. Male. Buy it now! 

223. Mad World, Emin. Male. Buy it now! 

224. Sympathy, Cmin. Male. Buy it now! 

225. Cool, (West Side Story) C. Buy it now! 

226. Love You I Do, Bb. Fem. Buy it now! 

227. Aquarius, (Hair) Bbm. Fem. Buy it now! 

228. It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas, Abm. Fem. Buy it now! 

229. All I Want For Christmas Is You, Gb-G. Fem. Buy it now! 

230. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, G. Fem. Buy it now! 

231. 25 or 6 to 4, Amin. Male (Chicago). Buy it now! 

232. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is, G. Male (Chicago). Buy it now! 

233. Wonderwall, Fmin. Male (Paul Anka). Buy it now! 

234. Saturday In The Park, Amin. Male (Chicago). Buy it now! 

235. Dialogue Part 1&2, D. Male (Chicago). Buy it now! 

236. World Hit Medley. Male and Female (It’s Raining Men, I Will Survive, Love Train, Lady Marmelade, The First The Last My Everything, September, Your Simply The Best, Hot Stuff.).Buy it now! 

237. Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend, Bb. Fem. Buy it now! 

238. Sleigh Ride, Eb. Fem. Buy it now! 

239. Please Come Home For Christmas, B. Male Buy it now! 

240. Joy To The World, G. Fem. Buy it now! 

241. Santa Baby, Db. Fem. Buy it now! 

242. Back Door Santa, E. Buy it now! 

243. Jingle Bells, D. Buy it now! 

244. Let It Snow, Eb. Buy it now! 

245. Children Go Where I Send Thee, Bb. Buy it now! 

246. Happy Birthday, C. (short version) (Stevie Wonder) Buy it now! 

247. Hallelujah, I Love Here So, F. Male Buy it now! 


Donna Summer repertoire, original keys

Instrumental charts (no Vocal)