Jens Wendelboe
Award winning Trombonist, Composer, Arranger, Clinician - Get CD's and Sheet Music Here!

All sheet music purchased will be sent as PDF files via internet!

All the standard tunes during dinner music etc…
Orchestra numbers (no vocals): orchestrated for the whole band for dance music:

300. In The Mood Buy it now!  

301. Just A Gigolo Buy it now!  

302. Charmaine* Buy it now!  

303. Overture* Buy it now!  

304. The Pink Panther Theme Buy it now!  

305. The Chicken Buy it now!  

306. Strolling Buy it now!  

307. Water Mellon Man Buy it now!  

309. In The Hall Of The Mountain King Buy it now!  

310. The End Buy it now!  

311. Stars Sbangled Banner Buy it now!  

312. Triplet Whisky Buy it now!  

313. French 1 (backing circus artist music) Buy it now!  

314. French 2 (backing circus artist music) Buy it now!  

315. French 3 (backing circus artist music) Buy it now!  

316. I Really Don’t Know Buy it now!  

317. Royal Fireworks (Handel) Buy it now!  

318. Days Of Wine & Roses Buy it now!  

319. Charleston Buy it now!  

320. The Entertainer Buy it now!  

321. Funky Stuff Buy it now!  

322. But It’s Alright Buy it now!  

323. Lunarputians Buy it now!  

324. Jungle Boogie Buy it now!  

325. Pick Up The Pieces Buy it now!  

326. Cactus Buy it now!  

327. A- Train*  Buy it now!  

329. Free Fall  Buy it now!  

330. Play A Simple Song  Buy it now!  

331. Mona Lisa*  Buy it now!  

335. Gonna Fly Now*  Buy it now!  

336. Isn’t She Lovely  Buy it now!  

337. Star Spangled Banner Buy it now!  

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