Jens Wendelboe
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Top Brassss in Concert from Las Vegas
(Featuring former members of Chicago, BS&T and Tower of Power)
Members: Thomas Connor, vocal. Steve Jankowski and Teddy Mulet, Trumpet. Tom Timko, sax.
Jens Wendelboe, trombone. Arnie Vilches, guitar. Carlos Murguia, organ. Marc Ribler, bass.
Lee Finkelstein, drum

Rafi Ginat’s new CD release, July 2015 in Israel. Produced and arranged by
Steve Jankowski and Jens Wendelboe at Jankland Recording Studio

Having fun at Jankland Recording Studio with
Steve Jankowski on Trumpet, Tom Timko (off camera) on Tenor Sax, Jens Wendelboe on Trombone and Peter Fernandes track called Sheffield Songo. (Joel Rosenblatt on drums and Ric Fierabracci on bass).

Silya Nymoen, All I Want  For Christmas Is You.
Conductor and arranger Jens Wendelboe

Jens Wendelboe recording a Trombone Solo at Jankland Recording

Shakira, Santa Baby, Trombone & Arranger Jens Wendelboe.

Donna Summer, She Works Hard For The Money, Conductor and Arranger Jens Wendelboe.

Donna Summer. Bad Girls-Hot Stuff,
Conductor and Arranger Jens Wendelboe

Donna Summer, Last Dance,
Conductor and arranger Jens Wendelboe

Blood Sweat & Tears Surreptitious
Musicians: Steve Jankowski and Teddy Mulet, Trumpets. Tom Timko, Sax. Jens Wendelboe, Trombone.
Dave Gellis, Guitar. Gary Foot, Bass.Andrea Valentini, Drums. GlenMcClelland, Keys.

BS&T plays Sunday Morning, Trombone Solo

I Toured as a conductor for a couple of weeks last year with The Norwegian Wind ensemble that won the “Best Ensemble Of The Year” award in Norway 2015. This is from a project called “Like Frankie”. It is one movement from a suite that I wrote called “Frankie’s Funky World”. The movements name is simply “SWING”.

“Logos” Full version with English subtitles
This 50 minute ecumenical Cantata that I composed over the gospel of John for Choir, Symphony orchestra, Horn & Rhythm section plus 4 solo singers was premiered on TV in Norway as a homage to the new millennium.
A 52 minutes disco blast orchestrated for symphony orchestra. Performed by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Conducted by Jens Wendelboe. Soloists: Gisele Jackson and Keith Fluitt

Suite to Bjorn, live: Composed by Jens Wendelboe from the Cd “Fresh Heat”

“Piece for 2 Trombones and More”

Jens Wendelboe Big Band “Fresh Heat” My Funny Valentine. Vocal, Deb Lyons
Big Crazy Energy Band, We Need Us All. Vocal, Elisabeth Moberg

Crazy Energy Jazz Quartet

Big Crazy Energy Band, Fanfare & Punk
Big Crazy Energy Band, Over & Out

Big Crazy Energy Band, The Waiting Collapse

Big Crazy Energy Band, Free Fall
Big Crazy Energy Band, Seasons Wander. Vocal, Elisabeth Moberg
Big Crazy Energy Band, Take The Chance. Vocal, Elisabeth Moberg
Big Crazy Energy Band, The End
Big Crazy Energy Band, Overture

Crazy Energy Orchestra, You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman. Vocal, Gisele Jackson

Crazy Energy Orchestra, I Get A Kick Out Of You. Vocal Rene Andersen
Crazy Energy Orchestra, Sample Medley
Crazy Energy Orchestra, My Funny Valentine. Vocal, Deb Lyons
For You My Love, Crazy Energy Orchestra TV show
Mallet Fantasia 4th Movement. Percussion Version. Composed by: Arthur Lipner/Jens Wendelboe