Jens Wendelboe
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“Fresh Heat” quotes

@critical Jazz. Published April 17 , 2012
…Space literally prohibits me from expounding further on what is for my money – one of the two best big band records made in the last decade”

by Don Lerman 2012
…Wendelboe’s superior writing skills are everywhere apparent, providing substantial and interesting musical development and strong ensemble passages throughout the program

by Jack Bowers. Published: August 7, 2012
…Wendelboe earned top honors in the Barga Jazz competition for his stylish arrangement of Steve Swallow’s lyrical “Falling Grace”

by Edward Blanco. Published: May 3, 2012
…Wendelboe-who grew up listening to energetic sounds of the pop group Blood Sweat & Tears (of which he is now a member), Chicago, and Tower of Power- became a convert to the brassy side of music, a sensibility influencing his arrangements and producing the “snappy, fresh and hot” contemporary sounds on this burner of an album. by Don Albert. Published: June 27, 2012
…The Jens Wendelboe Big Band is incendiary on the album “Fresh Heat”

Musicmatch by John M. Peters
…As a Big Band album go “Fresh Heat” is a beauty, loud and proud and lots of fun to listen to – highly recommended.

Jazz International (German magazin)
…a brilliant big band delighted so many listeners hearts

Jazz Scan by Ric Bang. Published September 6, 2012
…for those who still yearn for the Big Band days of yore, this album will satisfy your soul.

Jazz Society of Oregon by Georg Fendel. Published June 2012
Fasten your seat belts. It may be 2012, but there’s still an invigorating Big Band to be heard now and then.

“Inspirations” Quotes

New York Times Company, Music reviews. Published March 18, 2010
…Inspirations is a big sweeping epic of a record and Wendelboe’s group lets it all hang out on nine high – spirited tracks that refuse to be tied down by field or tradition.

Sea of Tranquility by Ryan Sparks. Published April 27, 2010
…If you’re into sophisticated, Big Band jazz then I’d definitely recommend checking out “Inspirations” because it’s a winner from start to finish.

Grego Applegate Edwards. Published February 19, 2010
…It’s the fullness and tightness of the band and its arrangements that make this program a pleasure to hear. If you like straight – ahead modern Big Band music, this one is for you.

Jazziz. Published April 2010
…and clearly there’s a lot of talent on hand, as well, not the least of which is displayed by Wendelboe, whose work here places him among the best of modern jazz’s Big Band leaders.

All About Jazz . By Jakob Baekgaard Published 2010
…Whenever Norwegian – born trombonist, composer and arranger Jens Wendelboe starts working with his Big Crazy Energy New York Band, there’s a rock – solid guarantee that it won’t be boring.

Midwest Recording published January 26, 2010
…this is a cat that it’s time you got to know. On the money through out. 6******

Rotcod Zzaj 2010
…there is only one expression you’ll use when you pop this CD in the player – WOW!

Jazz Scene August 2010
…How can you resist a band with this nutty a name? Funny enough, the group lives up to it with high – powered energy from the start. Led by trombonist and composer Jens Wendelboe, this Big Band has serious chops, a sense of sophistication and, oh yes, big crazy energy.

Dagsavisen, Helgheim. Published February 1, 2010
…with his numerous irons in the music business, Jens Wendelboe is also one of the most experienced in the subject of Big Bands