Jens Wendelboe
Award winning Trombonist, Composer, Arranger, Clinician - Get CD's and Sheet Music Here!

If you would like to take lessons over Skype, in the following 9 subjects below,
You can do so by contacting me on the following
Email: (to send an email, copy and paste it )

1. Trombone playing

2. Jazz improvisations

3. Jazz or Classical Composition

4. Arranging/Orchestrating

5. Film Scoring

6. Finale music notational program

7. Music Business and administration

8. Conducting

9. Producing

10. How to get rid of Performing anxiety

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

My Philosophy of Teaching

  Growing up in the Waldorf school tradition where individualism is highly regarded, the foundation of my teaching philosophy is that everyone has some unique strength and creativity, and it is one of my tasks as a teacher to bring that unique individualism out in each and every one of my students.  My philosophy is to help students be self-motivated to continue to strive for personal excellence.   Whether in the area of conducting, performing or composing/arranging, I work towards the goal of creating the “magical moment” that generates confidence and inspires the student.

The methodology of “learning by motivation” aligns well with this philosophy and my methodologies revolve around this.   I strongly believe that a teacher’s job is to motivate ones students and not simply get them through the course curriculum.  Over many years I have helped people overcome performance anxiety.  This has taught me a lot in regards to what makes different people want to play and perform music.  Motivation comes from many angles.  A teacher needs to help find what inspires each individual student or ensemble.