Jens Wendelboe
Award winning Trombonist, Composer, Arranger, Clinician - Get CD's and Sheet Music Here!

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35 Jazz, Latin and Pop tunes in 1 book to play along and jam with.

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This book contains 35 original Jazz, Latin & Pop tunes with melody and chord changes composed by: Jens Wendelboe. 

Plus a free “iReal Pro” playlist for all these songs. Jazz Tunes By Wendelboe

There are 4 books with the following transpositions for different instruments.
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Treble clef in C.
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Treble clef in Bb.
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Treble clef in Eb.
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Bass clef.
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The Tunes:
77-77, Blue Note, Boone Dog Cafe, Cactus, Car Ride, Cayo Hueso, Decofeinado, Ear Trumpet, Erobreren (the Conqueror), Fast Slide, Free Fall, Gloria, Gunter Balade, Husky Walk, I Know-Later, In The Beginning, It Just Happened, Kronsch, Leddy Freddy, Mordere og Rovere, Nix Vogel, Return to Forever, Secret Name, Slow Samba, Strolling, Suite To Bjorn, Sunshine & Everglades, Susanna’s Waltz, The Morning Bird, The Waiting Collapse, The Woman By The Well, Timbuktu, Triplet Whisky, Wallflower, What A Trip.

If you use the video player, you will see a short video of the songs with “iReal Pro” tracks. 

When you purchase one of these books, it includes a “iReal Pro” playlist of these songs that you can download for free here and play along with. Jazz Tunes By Wendelboe

In “iReal Pro”, you can change tempos, styles, transpose and have it repeat the tracks, all to your liking. 

If you have the “iReal Pro” app on one of your gadgets, simply download the playlist to your Dropbox. 

In Dropbox, open the playlist by clicking on the file. 

Then click on the headline of the playlist. 

It will now appear in your “iReal Pro” as a new playlist called

“Jazz Tunes By Wendelboe” 

with all 35 songs ready to play. Have fun 🙂

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iReal Pro – Music Book & Play Along by Technimo LLC