Jens Wendelboe
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Four Detectives (R.T. Powell)

Ear Trumpet (J. Wendelboe)

What A Trip (J. Wendelboe)

Car Ride (J. Wendelboe)

Headlong (R.T. Powell)

Your Song (F. Berg) (Dedicated to Sølvi Hansen)

Decaffeinado (F. Berg, T. Railo, J. Wendelboe)

Triplet Whisky (J. Wendelboe)

Fast Slide (J. Wendelboe)

The latest album from the Crazy Energy Jazz Quartet. This time with their own compositions onlyRecorded at NRK Studio 20, October 19th, 20th 1998.
Mixed at NRK Studio 20, January 18th, 19th, 21th 1999.
Recording and Mix Engineer: Arne Kristian Dypvik
Recording Producer: Erling Wicklund
Mixing Producer: Crazy Energy Jazz Quartet
Mastering: Mikkel Schille
Erik Smith endorses: Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Heads, ProMark Sticks/Accessories and Shure Microphones/Personal Monitoring System
Jens Wendelboe plays a Jupiter trombone
Frode Berg endorses: Fernandes basses, EMG pickups, DR strings, SWR Amps & Speakers
Roy Temple Powell palys… what ever is avaliable at the right price (Know what I mean?)
Thanks to Erling Wicklund, Tor Kvello, Arne Kristian Dypvik and NRK P2, Per Amble at Musikk Engros, Vidar Hovind at Yamaha, Morten Nymoen at Benum/Shure, Bob, James and Tina at Zildjian International, Englund Musikk, Tim Hurst at Evans/D’addario, Herb Brochstein, Jeff Hartsough at ProMark, Daryl Jamison at SWR USA and Reinhold Koch at SWR Germany, Ralph Schweizer and all our friends in Germany, Stunt Squad and to Family and Friends.
Photos: Tor Kvello. Design: Millimeter