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01 Fresh Heat (300x294)

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This is among the seven most recommended jazz CD’s in 2012, from the World Music list.

01 Joy Spring;
Composer: Clifford Brown/Jon Hendricks
Lyrics: Jon Hendricks
Arranger: Jens Wendelboe
Soloist: Deb Lyons (Vocal),

No Mercy;
Composer/Arr. Jens Wendelboe
Solos: Steve Jankowski (Tpt.), Jens Wendelboe (Tbn.)

03 Black Narcissus;
Composer: Joe Henderson
Arranger: Jens Wendelboe
Head played by Mark Feinberg (T.Sax)
Soloist: Mark Feinberg (T.Sax), Rob Paparozzi (Harmonica)

04 My Funny Valentine;
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Lyrics: Lorenz Hart
Soloiist: Deb Lyons (Vocal),
Solos: Steve Jankowski (Muted Tpt.) Tom Timko (Soprano Sax)

Quote from Steve Swallow about his composition “Falling Grace”: Great!  I enjoyed it immensely, the chart and the performance too. 
Congratulations.  It’s warming to hear my tune treated with such care

05 Falling Grace; (Award winning arrangement from Barga Jazz competition)
Composer: Steve Swallow
Arranger: Jens Wendelboe
Head played by Jens Wendelboe (Tbn.)
Solos: Dave Anderson (E.Bass) Ken Gioffre (T.Sax)

06 What A Trip;
Composer/Arr. Jens Wendelboe
Head played by Jens Wendelbboe
Solos: Jens Wendelboe (Tbn.), Bob Millikan (Tpt.)

07 Nix Vogel;
Composer/Arr. Jens Wendelboe
Head played by Mark Feinberg &  Chris Rogers
Solos: Michael Migliore (A.Sax) Chris Rogers (Tpt.) Lee Fikelstein (Drums)
End head played by Tom Timko (Baritone Sax)

08 Suite To Bjorn;
Composer/Arr: Jens Wendelboe
Head played by Michael Migliore (A.Sax)
Solos: Michael Migliore (A.sax), Bill Heller (Pno.), Lee Finkelstein (Drums), Tom Timko (Soprano Sax) 

Personnel: Deb Lyons: vocal; Tom Timko: 1st alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone; Michael Migliore 2nd alto saxophone; Mark Fineberg: 1st tenor saxophone; Joey Berkley: 2nd tenor saxophone; Sam Bortka: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet; Bob Millikan: trumpet 1; Steve Jankowski: trumpet 2; Rick Savage: trumpet 3; Chris Rogers: trumpet 4; Dan Levine: trombone 1, euphonium; Charley Gordon: trombone 2; Jens Wendelboe: trombone 3; George Flynn: bass trombone, Tuba;
David Anderson: electric bass; Lee Finkelstein: drums; Bill Heller: piano, synthesizer.
Special guests: Ken Gioffre, tenor sax, Vinnie Cutro: trumpet, Rob Papparozi: harmonica

Producer & Conductor: Jens Wendelboe
Co-producer: Steve Jankowski

Recorded live at KAS Music and Sound (Kaufman Astoria Studios)
Queens, New York. May 2008

Assistant producer at live session: John Lissauer
Recording engineer: Joe Castellon
Assistant Recording engineer: Andreas Karantzikos

Additional recordings, edits, overdubs and mixing were done in 2010-11
at Jankland Recording Studio, Wall Township, New Jersey.
Engineer: Steve Jankowski

Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk, NYC

Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, Pennsauken, New Jersey

The concept:
Having always been moved by the American Jazz & Pop music, I thought it would be neat to combine music from composers in these genres who have inspired me throughout the years, with my own style and background as a Norwegian composer.  Thus the idea was born to create a CD which combines my orchestrations of great tunes from American and British masters with my own compositions written in the same style. I hope you will all enjoy listening to this music as much as we enjoyed creating it!

-Jens Wendelboe

This project was made possible with support from the following sponsors:

Tono (Ascap), Norway
Norwegian Fund for Performing Artists (FFUK), Norway
American Music Center (AMC), USA
Norwegian Organization of Popular Authors (Nopa), Norway
Norwegian Music Fund (Norsk Musikkfond), Norway
Komponistenes Vederlagsfond, Norway

Cover Design: Dave Gellis

Cover Photo: Larry Door

Additional photos: David Anderson

I am grateful to everyone involved in this production.  Your beautiful and positive attitude from conception to completion has contributed to a fine product and a great experience. Without you all, this production would never have been made possible. Honorable mention goes to:
Joey Berkley, without all these commissioned pieces, this production would never have seen the light of day.
My brother Peter and his family.
Gloria Rosa-Wendelboe (my wonderful wife) for numerous grant applications, logistical support
and my great kids Susanna & Daniel for always being so patient with me!
Steve Jankowski for the use of your marvelous studio and all the countless hours of knowledge and insights that you have put into this production. Both Deb Lyons and your warm hospitality have made this a very happy experience for me.
Chris Noth & Steve Walter from The Cutting Room in NYC and their staff, technicians and engineers.
Geoff Countryman and his staff who recorded all the live concert sessions at The Cutting Room leading up to this studio recording.

Additional thanks to:
Jay Prince, Joel Rosenblatt, Bill Harris, Matt Gallagher, Birch Johnson, Jim Rotundi, Scott Wendholt, Jack Schatz, Gary Deinstadt, Sal Larusso, Tim Ouimette, Art Triggs, Gene Benson, Regent Scott and all those in the Benson Scott Big Band, Susan O’Neill,
Dean Van Nest,  Erling Wicklund, Stewart Staley (video), Harold Smick (Video) and my other brothers in Blood, Sweat and Tears; Tom Timko, Teddy Mulet, Andrea Valentini, Dave Gellis, Glen McClelland, Gary Foote, Steve Katz, Rob Paparozzi, Chris Chalfin, Frank DeGennaro and Larry Dorr for all their moral support,  and to all those who contributed to this creation whose names I may have forsaken to mention.