Jens Wendelboe
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Over And Out  Solos: Petter Kateraas, trumpet Daniel Wilensky, sopran sax. Asbjørn Ruud, guitar Jens Wendelboe, trombone

We Need Us All* Elisabeth Moberg, vocal*Recorded live at The Voice, Oslo, May 3rd and 4th 1991

Cayo Hueso*  Solos: Bugge Wesseltoft, Hammond B3 Jens Wendelboe, trombone*Recorded live at The Voice, Oslo, May 3rd and 4th 1991

What A Crazy Place** Solo: Andy Middleton, tenor sax. **Recorded live at Molde International Jazz Festival, July 13th 1992

Seasons Wander Elisabeth Moberg, vocal, Bugge Wesseltoft, piano

The Morning Bird Solos: Jens Wendelboe, trombone, Daniel Wilensky, alto sax. Asbjørn Ruud, guitar, Erik Smith, drums

The Gliding Bird Solo: Bugge Wesseltoft, piano

The Boogie Woogie Bird** Solos: Vidar Johansen, tenor sax. Erik Smith, drums

**Recorded live at Molde International Jazz Festival, July 13th 1992

Jens Wendelboe Big Crazy Energy Band Featuring;

Daniel Wilensky and Andy Middleton, saxophones Elisabeth Moberg, vocal.
Conductor, composer, arranger, solo trombone: Jens Wendelboe
David Zalud (lead), Petter Kateraas, Svein Gjermundrød, Jens Petter Antonsen
Johan Bergly (lead), Georg Reiss, Knut Riisnæs/Andy Middleton,* on Molde session only
Vidar Johansen, Rolf Malm
Anders Stengård (lead), Harald Halvorsen, Helge Sunde, Øivind Westby (bass)
Rhythm Section:
Bugge Wesseltoft, keyboards, Asbjørn Ruud, guitar, Bjørn Holta, electric bass
Erik Smith, drums, Frank Jakobsen, percussionThis project was made possible by the cooperation of NRK (Norwegian
Broadcasting Corporation) and NOPA (Norwegian Organization of Popular
Authors and Composers) with the support of Norwegian Found for
Performing Artists and TONO.Recorded by NRK on digital 48 track SONY recorder.
Recording engineers: Arne Kristian Dypvik and Jan ErikTørmoen, Per Ravnaas and Terje Hellem (Molde session)
Recording producer: Erling Wicklund, Mixing engineer: Jan Erik Tørmoen
Mixing producer: Jens Wendelboe Mixing co-producer: Asbjørn Ruud
Jens Wendelboe plays a King 2B trombone with Eventide 3000 harmonizer.
Photo: CF-Wesenberg All music composed, arranged and conducted by JensWendelboe.